On Reel Media is a professional

video production company based

in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Our team has been producing

high-end videos for corporate, non-profit and independent clients since 2013. We pride ourselves in our creativity, cutting-edge equipment personalized and professional service, top-of-the-line production value,

and quick turnaround times. 






With our team of talented creatives behind the wheel, we’re able to create captivating content from any concept. We produce a wide range of projects, including advertisements, real estate, aerial video, promotions, documentaries, special event coverage, testimonials, music videos, and short films.



Professional quality means professional tools. Here are a few of ours.



We'd love to partner with you for your next project. Send us an E-mail or give us a call to chat about your idea. We're here to help!

- Gabe Dipple, Owner